Why Everything Really Exists – A Look at the Truth Behind Everything

Why Everything Really Exists – A Look at the Truth Behind Everything

Everything is made up of atoms; the other part of everything is its complement; nothing else. It’s the totality of things related to a subject matter. For example, without implied or stated limits, it could also mean anything. If you will try to understand everything by referring to atoms, it will lead you to something very strange. It is impossible to express or explain something that does not have any size, shape, form, color, smell or sound.

So how to you know that what you thought is not real is real? How to you know that your neighbor has just made his or her coffee while sitting on their couch? How to know if the sky is blue or it’s gray? Well, there isn’t a single method of knowing everything because everything is indeterminable. Everything is composed of wholes and its parts are inseparable from each other.

Everything is either independent or dependent; it depends on everything else which is independent or dependent. You can’t say that everything is dependent because it doesn’t exist in itself and it depends on what exists. Now, if you will try to understand everything by going back to physics, you will find that everything is composed of elementary particles and atoms and if you want to know about the future, you must also consider these particles, atoms and protons. So if you will study physics, you will understand that it is an ordered composite reality that obey a definite law of cause and effect and this law can be known through the use of theories and laws.

Everything is affected by every other particle, atom and proton including space. It’s like a giant ball of domino substance. The laws of cause and effect can be known as universal laws because they are applicable not only in this universe but also in other universes. You can’t actually say that something doesn’t exist because it doesn’t exist in itself and you can’t say that something exists but isn’t able to be seen because it exists in space. It can’t be measured because space can’t be measured.

The biggest problem with science is that people can’t seem to agree on whether or not everything is made up of atoms and molecules. I think that there’s a very good chance that it does, because scientists have proven that it does. If they can prove that it does, then the question of “Does everything really exist?” should be easier to answer and it would help a lot of people.

If you study physics, you will learn that everything is composed of elementary particles and that they are in motion. In other words, they are not static. Everything is in motion and some things are going faster than the others and these particles are like electrons. If you study mechanics well enough, you will realize that electrons don’t just orbit around an atom or molecule but rather, they go in and out of the atom or molecule and when they come back into the atom or molecule, they push against some of the parts and slow down the speed of the whole system. You might be surprised if I tell you that the speed of the whole system is actually relative to how much pressure exists in the atom or molecule.

If you study this enough, you will understand why I said earlier that it all depends on how much work the electron wants to do. Everything has an opinion on how long it takes for the electron to go from one state to another and they will also tell you what kind of job it is to do. They might tell you that it is a slow process and that it takes a lot longer than you might think, but then again, the harder they make the job, the more work the electron gets. If you know anything about the atom or molecule, you will know that every atom or molecule has a corresponding proton. The question is, how many protons are there in a certain amount of space?

If you knew the answers to these questions, you could then go back and try to figure out how the world works. You will get very frustrated because there is really no simple answer to these questions, unless you are willing to study the real laws of physics. Fortunately, I have made my living from helping people learn the truth, so I don’t need to bother you with those kinds of questions anymore. I can assure you though, that even if those answers never quite satisfy you completely, you will understand the basic idea behind them eventually. That’s why I want you to know that everything really exists and that is the first step towards letting go of the things that make you worry and stress you out.


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