The Best Hidden Features For Safari on iOS 8

The Best Hidden Features For Safari on iOS 8

As an avid user of the popular Safari browser for Mac OS X, I was eager to see if there were any new features that Apple had implemented in Safari. After all, I love Safari and use it every day, but is there anything that I would really like to have? A while back, I realized that my home library was growing and in need of some organization. My wife’s collection of CDs had grown significantly and was now sitting on the floor, collecting dust. It was time to do something about this and I needed to find the best solution for my storage problems.

The first thing that I checked out was an app called DiskAid. This is a very simple application which allows you to create a list of your files and folders in Maps. I was surprised to find that it contained a number of useful features such as creating a backup, restoring a backed up, adding tags to the map, and even sorting your files by size.

The second feature that I am so impressed with was the new file manager that Apple has implemented in Safari. You can create a list of your files and select multiple files at one time. If you have multiple versions of the same file, you can drag them onto the organize pile to organize them according to date. You can also go to the bottom and drag all of your unneeded extensions onto the empty organize pile. This the best hidden features for Safari on iOS.

The third feature that I am really happy with is that there are no advertisements clogging up the screen. Whenever you load a new page or even open a new tab in Safari, the usual banners and ads appear right at the top and bottom of the screen. This was annoying when I wanted to go to my favorite site, but there was nothing I could do since the banner ads were always right above it.

The fourth feature is even cooler than the first two. When you tap a link in Safari, you get a pop up box with the actual website. When you tap back to go back to the site, you get the option to see a history of that site. Now that’s an example of good functionality.

The last feature I am going to talk about is the new user interface for the Safari app. It looks like a completely new app, but it is not at all different. I have used many apps before that try to make the user interface look different, but none of them have done a very good job.

The user interface for Safari on iOS 8 is clean and uncluttered. There are no colors or any other distractions, which makes the app look and work just like a regular web browser. You can swipe left or right to go to previous or next page. There are still pinch tabs, but thankfully you don’t have to keep hitting the tab bar to change something. The icons are all uniform and easy to recognize. This is a big improvement over the bad iPhone web browser you had on your phone.

The final two best hidden features for Safari in iOS 8 are incredibly useful. The new feature lets you see your bookmarks in one page. You can see all of your bookmarks in one page, and it includes thumbnails. The second feature is also incredibly useful. If you open a site you previously visited on your iPhone, but don’t have internet access, you can copy the url of the site from your bookmarks. Now you can always go back to the site.


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