Next OxygenOS Flagship to Cross Over With the OnePlus 9 Series

Next OxygenOS Flagship to Cross Over With the OnePlus 9 Series

Just like the old line – a new smartphone is called something when it is actually just a smaller version of what was already released two months ago. In the case of the OnePlus 9, this is true especially with regards to its hardware. The phone’s hardware design and capabilities are in no way whatsoever updates or derivatives from what was already released two months ago. The device runs on Oxygen OS 3.5 and is primarily targeted at smartphone users who are looking to obtain the best out of their smartphone experience.

The price of this handset is not at all surprising considering what is being offered in terms of features and the value for money that it offers. For reference, one of the biggest selling phones in the current smartphone market right now is the iPhone 6S Plus. Despite boasting some impressively powerful hardware and a high pixel resolution, the iPhone is priced at an extremely high end. This is what makes many people reach out for one of the cheaper smartphones such as the OnePlus 9.

As expected, the most common feature that reviewers have been talking about since the smartphone was launched is the pixel resolution and the speed of the data transfer. The oneplus 9 however is not any different when it comes to these two aspects. Despite having two screens, the phone still offers a high pixel density of 434 ppi. This paves the way for more advanced and clearer pictures to be taken. Another notable feature of this phone is that it also has one of the largest storage spaces of any smartphone in the market right now. At the same time, it also offers a very generous amount of RAM for your apps and other applications that you use with the phone.

Speaking of apps, one great example of a smartphone app that can make the most of the limited space provided by the standard Android handset is the OxygenOS 3.5. You may think that it takes the OxygenOS a step further with its unique features such as widgets and a customizable user interface, but this mobile operating system delivers just that. If you want your everyday tasks to be carried out smoothly and efficiently, you should consider trying out OxygenOS. It has been said that one of the best things about this smartphone is that it allows you to get more done with less usage of your cellular data card.

Another unique feature of OxygenOS 3.5 is its wireless charging feature. This is very interesting considering that many devices are now incorporating Qi-based wireless charging into their designs. However, this handset does something that no other smartphone on the market can: it utilizes the SIM tray feature present in most smartphones to allow quick and convenient data transfers. To put it simply, this phone is an ideal choice for people who are always on the go and for people who like to keep their phones ready at all times.

The oneplus phone’s excellent design and cutting edge features have also earned it a high rating from citizens and critics alike. As a matter of fact, even the regular OxygenOS has garnered much praise for its beautiful look and elegant features. The user interface of this smartphone is also commendable and its smooth performance is not only for power-hungry consumers, but also for people who are just looking for an easy to use phone that won’t let them down.

With the OnePlus 9, that is now available for pre-order, comes the OxygenOS 3.5, a significant update from the previous one. In terms of basic functionality, this new handset runs on the older kernel and still uses Oxygen OS 3.5 as its base platform. For the most part, this upgrade has been polished and made to compliment the already outstanding performance of this smartphone. New features that come with the upgrade include improved battery life, support for Google’s Android Kit Kat 4.4, the ability to download and install any of a multitude of third party applications, support for the fastboot function, enhanced stability, and better video and audio performance. This one can be considered as the next OxygenOS flagship, and it has managed to take existing users by storm since its release.

The OnePlus 9 series is yet to be officially announced by its manufacturer, so much speculation abounds in terms of what this smartphone could possibly entail. In many ways, it could be the grandest step that the company has taken yet. For one, it is coming from the house of smartphone innovation, and that itself speaks volumes about the possibilities that lie in store for users. With the upcoming release date, we will be able to see the next generation of smartphones that will hopefully redefine the smartphone use for the better. It is time to take a step into the future with the OnePlus 9, and we are sure that you will not be disappointed.


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